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Page One: Inside the New York Times

Page One: Inside the New York Times

Sarah Ellison, Larry Ingrassia, David Carr, Dennis Crowley, Bruce Headlam, Evan Williams, Richard Perez-Pena, Paul Steiger, Clay Shirky, Markos Moulitsas, Brian Stelter, Seth Mnookin, Alex S. Jones, Nicholas Lemann, Ian Fisher
Mots-clés du film:
new york times, journalist, tablet computer, news media, false news story
7.9/10 (Votes: 1943)
Société de production:
Participant Media, History Films
Libéré:29 September 2011
92 min
Langues:Français, English
Mots clés: Documentary 
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Andrew Rossi
Page One: Inside the New York Times
La description:
During the most tumultuous time for media in generations, filmmaker Andrew Rossi gains unprecedented access to the newsroom at The New York Times. For a year, he follows journalists on the paper's Media Desk, a department created to cover the transformation of the media industry. Through this prism, a complex view emerges of a media landscape fraught with both peril and opportunity, especially at the Times itself.

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