Téléchargements de films d'action anglais Elephant Attack [QHD] [640x320], Charlie Sammut


Untamed & Uncut - Elephant Attack

Untamed & Uncut - Elephant Attack

Jim Lester, David Saomarcos, Charlie Sammut, Danny Mauro, Doug Pemberton, Danny Kent, Liz Stripp, Rick Stripp, Eric Bozee, Bill Venditta, Cindy Reyburn, Royston Munt, John Best, John Gordon, Glen Stone
Mots-clés du film:
9.2/10 (Votes: 1792)
Société de production:
Cheri Sundae Productions
Libéré:24 June 2008
Mots clés: Documentary 
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Steve Klayman
La description:
San Diego, California: A rampaging elephant attacks a trainer; Tzoonie Narrows, British Columbia: A Pacific octopus latches onto a diver's mask; Phillipsburg, New Jersey: A pet boa constrictor bites its owner on the face; Cochranville, Pennsylvania: A horse pulling a carriage kicks one of its riders; Marshall, Texas: A news reporter gets too close to a police dog; Boston, Massachusetts: A blue shark pulls a fisherman into the water; Detroit,Michigan: A man endangers himself when he jumps into a chimpanzee pen to save a chimp that had fallen into the water.

Untamed & Uncut - Mayhem and Miracles. ... Argentina: A TV host is chased in a zoo by an agitated elephant; Greeley, Colorado: Two horses spook ...

Untamed & Uncut - Under My Skin. ... back onto her; Kenya: A baby elephant is trapped in a six-foot well.

IFC News: 2008 Uncut - Attack of the Attack Ads. Will Rabbe explores the nature of attack ads.

Sheena: Queen of the Jungle - The Elephant God. ... the safari's purpose is to kill a sacred elephant and attack the small group.

Untamed Heart. ... work one day, two men attack her. Adam comes to her rescue ...

Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show - Elephant's Doctor. When Elephant comes down with a cold, Elephant's Doctor joins Sharon, Lois & Bram for the day in fun and games. They sing the Muffin Man, My Dog Rags, and many more!

Chuggington - Wilson and the Elephant. ... Transportation badge by taking Ebo the elephant to his new home in the Safari ... Park. But the naughty elephant has other ideas! He causes mayhem ... Wilson chases after the mischievous elephant, who leads him down an overgrown ...

Joe D'Amato Totally Uncut - The Erotic Experience. ... 100 films, "Joe D'Amato Totally Uncut" traces the director's journey from ...

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