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God's Favor

God's Favor

Stefano Da Fre, Jonathan Dwyer, Josh Gladstone, Jason Griffith, Caitie Hanley, Fran Hanley, Logan Hanley, John D. Huttenberger, John Calvin Kelly, Ingrid Kullberg-Bendz, Madison Sacchiero, Chloe Elaine Scharf, Mitch Scharf, Dana Segal, Lilah Shreeve
Mots-clés du film:
7.9/10 (Votes: 2592)
Société de production:
Renaissance Eye Productions
Langues:Français, English
Mots clés: Drama  Thriller 
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Ilay Ron
God's Favor
La description:
The people of a quiet English town in 1612 are suddenly thrown into chaos when their beloved courthouse is mysteriously set on fire and burns to the ground overnight. Suspicions of sorcery spread rapidly through the village and quickly fall upon free-spirited Faye. Will Faye be able to withstand the accusations led by pious Mrs. Godfrey and prove her innocence? Or will her trial reveal the complex web of love, religion,and revenge among the people of the town and bring forth a long-forgotten dark secret?

A Force Called Favor. ... of favor. The favor of God reflects the personal way in which God interacts with His people. God's favor ... . In this message, be reminded to be grateful for God's graciousness; that is, A Force Called Favor.

God's Tackle Box. ... Christian Wrestling in a new film called God?s Tackle Box. The film focuses ... wrestler, who believes he was called by God to go into the world and minister ... lines in favor of Biblical ones. They have a single goal, to save souls. God's Tackle ...

Making a Difference - Ladies of Favor. Ladies of Favor was birthed out of a vision to touch ... a closer relationship with God. Since the inception, Ladies of Favor has impacted the ...

A Few Words in Favor of God. Advertising, branding, marketing, Coca-Cola, and God. Hey, you gotta believe in something.

Closer to Truth - Arguing God with Analytic Philosophy. I desire God to be real, so I know that the easiest person to fool is myself. That's why I favor rational arguments for, and against, the existence of a Supreme Creator.

Whom God Hath Joined. A young mechanic, temporarily residing in a southern city, found that business was slack in his trade, and decided to send his wife to her relations in the north until happier days dawned. He did not dream that he was putting her in peril, and when later ...

Walker, Texas Ranger - In God's Hands. A 6-year-old boy is mortally wounded during a late-night shootout in a residential neighborhood between the Rangers and two criminals; Trivette was involved in the shootout when the boy became caught in the crossfire. Initial findings implicate a woefully ...

The Favor of Father Dominique. Father Dominique and Sister Veronique are roommates who share a bunk bed. However, God only answers to Dominique who sleeps on the upper level and Veronique gets very jealous.

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