Payez des téléchargements de films légaux Shameless: Very Important Punk - Épisode #8.22 [UHD] [1920x1600] (2011), Elliott Tittensor, Robbie Conway, David Threlfall


Shameless - Episode 8.22

Shameless - Episode 8.22

Elliott Tittensor, Rebecca Atkinson, Nicky Evans, Aaron McCusker, Valerie Lilley, Alice Barry, David Threlfall, Sally Carman, Emmanuel Ighodaro, Ciaran Griffiths, Karen Bryson, Qasim Akhtar, Kira Martin, Robbie Conway, Chord Melodic
Mots-clés du film:
7/10 (Votes: 2184)
Société de production:
Libéré:25 October 2011
47 min
Mots clés: Comedy  Drama  Crime 
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Lawrence Till
La description:
Kelly admits her pregnancy,telling a heart-broken Shane that she no longer loves him. After doing nothing while witnessing a mugging in a park Carl finally champions old school mate,constable Simon Wexford,accused of injuring a robber,and ends up being accepted for police training. Despite her sons' efforts to scare Billy off Mimi proves her devotion to him by turning down an offer to join Paddy in Bangkok and soon Mimi has become Mrs. Billy Tutton.

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