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La sangre nueva del box - Zurdo Ramirez

La sangre nueva del box - Zurdo Ramirez

Gilberto Ramírez
Mots-clés du film:
8.6/10 (Votes: 142)
Société de production:
Libéré:10 September 2016
15 min
Mots clés: Documentary 
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Diego Medellin
La description:

Vecinos - La nueva administradora. ... vecinos que dejará la administración del edificioEsta vez Luís da a los vecinos ... muy importante: dejará la administración del edificio y solicita candidatos para ... inesperadamente Magdalena se postula como la nueva administradora y nombra a Arturo López ...

Bajo la sombra de la sangre. ... the incarceration of his father Marcos Ramirez for allegedly being involved in dirty ...

Santa Sangre. ... led a heretical church called "Santa Sangre (Holy Blood)," the members of which ...

The Famous Box Trick. ... dove. which is quickly deposited into a box sitting on a table behind the ... are tossed into the box out of which springs a young ... places him atop another small box. He then picks up an executioners ax ... haven't gone into the box, he destroys it then causes the ...

Box Time: Playhouse. ... wishing to build a playhouse out of a cardboard box, three young children are transported ... to join Boxter (the animated box) and Builder Bette in Boxville. There ...

Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend - Prometheus and Pandora's Box. ... creates Pandora and gives her a box that she is never to open. Hearing ... calling to her from inside the box, Pandora is overcome with curiosity and ...

NewsRadio - Complaint Box. Mr. James going on a fishing vacation, but in order to still be at the office Joe sets up a two-way satellite box, which drives the staff crazy as they have to take it around the office. A new complaint box is installed and promptly abused.

Blue's Clues - The Anything Box. Steve and Blue found an empty box in the backyard. They figure out that if we imagine, we can use the box to play rocket ship. We blast off -- and play Blue's Clues.

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